Product Updates

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  • 24 March 2022

    • We’ve improved Workflows. Now you can configure Workflow to run when one of several conditions is met.
    • For example, it is possible to send a notification to the manager if the order amount is more than 10,000 or if there is an order from one of several special Customers.
  • 18 March 2022

    • We’ve released ‘Reserves of Material’ for Production Tasks in Kladana. This will help to plan purchases in advance.
    • And the Production volume can be specified after saving the Production Task, use it if you need to change the quantity of Finished Products. Changes are possible if the stages of production are not marked as ‘completed’ and the list of products and materials remains the same.
  • 18 February 2022

    Fresh news!

    • Custom fields are now available for BOMs. It may be convenient if you want to add extra information about Materials or Production Stages. For example, Nutritional value or a recipe for food.
    • Few conditions are available for Workflows. For example, «receive notifications on different status for Sales Order: Shipped, Paid, Canceled». It allows you to reduce the number of Workflows for similar ones.
  • January 2022

    • ‘Supply’ function is available to order missing materials in the Production Task. Via ‘Supply’ you can order both Raw materials from the Supplier or Components (another Production Task which is connected with its parent Paroduction Task).
    • Reorder Point set up is available for Variants now.
    • Some updates for Process Tracking in Production Task: You can now add and remove items from the list of materials. All changes will affect the production task. There will be materials in case of cancellation of the stage.
  • November 2021

    • More variants of Conditions for Workflows: operators ‘more’, ‘less’, 'more or equal’, ‘less or equal’, as well as ‘filled’ and ‘not filled in’ are available to check the values in the fields of transactions.
      For example, if the Amount Ordered is ‘more’ than 100,000, Sales Order can be automatically assigned to a specific manager.
    • Production Tasks can be created from Sales Order now (one Production Task from one or several Sales Orders).
  • October 2021

    • Reorder Point: you can set up different values for different Warehouses for a specific Product (in Product Card ≫ fields to set up Reorder Point).
    • Several improvements in Production Tasks: multiple BOMs are available in one Production Task, Stages are marked as ‘completed’ separately and you can specify Raw Materials for each Stage of Routing in BOM. Factual cost of Finished Products is calculated.
  • September 2021

    • Custom Sales Channels are available in Kladana. By the way, it is possible to assign a Sales channel for a Sales Order automatically, via Workflow.
    • The payment status is set up automatically for Sales Order and Shipment.