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Inventory Clearly Visible

Scan barcodes, track serial numbers and batches. No unit will be lost

Always Accurate Stock

Stay on top of inventory. Never doubt how much stock on hand you have

Anywhere 24/7

Manage business from any mobile device with Internet access

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Completely Intuitive

Only 15 min to complete training and set up Kladana. Nothing to download and install — sign up and fulfill orders or manage inventory straightaway

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Customers Stories


I had a very positive experience with Kladana for my business FundiDoral — where we produce metal pieces of different kind. Affordable, easy to set up and to understand. Can be used as an independent CRM that also includes inventory management. Clear and straightforward.

Cristhian Quintero

Cristhian Quintero

CEO at FundiDoral

Allows to see in real-time what’s happening at the POS, all sales transactions executed, who is on the shift, etc. Absolutely simple and really helpful. I spent a lot of time choosing the right service to manage sales and now I am happy with my selection.

Armando Valverde

Armando Valverde

Senior Finance Director at Mega Wine & Spirits

We have been using the service for a year. The interface is clear and simple, it seriously facilitates all your work. If you doubt that it won’t fit your needs, take trial period and test. Believe me, you won’t need anything else!

Jose A. Gomez

Jose A. Gomez

CEO at YACHT Solutions

Easy, simple and powerful! We didn’t want to use an ERP system that would cost us a lot of money and take years to implement. I was looking for a simple service for inventory management, invoicing and stock control. I found Kladana on Google and immediately liked it. Highly recommended.

Ikrom Sardalov

Ikrom Sardalov

Service and Procurement Departments Manager at SHERP Canada

Its pricing will surprise you the most. Subscription plans are very convenient: we pay only for team members who actually use the app. If someone joins or leaves our team, we just can quickly make changes to subscription and don’t waste money.

Gary Yuzbashev

Gary Yuzbashev

Owner at Buffalo Transportation Inc.
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Friendly Pricing

Here you won’t meet unreasonable high-prices because affordable software is our top priority.

You will be amazed with the Kladana free plan that can fit all your needs if you manage business on your own.

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Features At a Glance

  • Manage Orders and Return

    Manage Orders and Return

    Optimize the order fulfillment: reserve products to orders, plan the demand.

  • Control Stock Levels

    Control Stock Levels

    Avoid stock outs, always know how much product you have in stock and where it stores.

  • Integrate with Shopify

    Integrate with Shopify

    Keep up to date stock across all stores, manage products and orders from a single platform.

  • Count Inventory

    Count Inventory

    Stocktake easily: use categories to group products and take small counts when you have free time.

  • CRM


    Know your customers, their sales habits and preferences. Create special offers for regular customers.

  • Automate Workflows

    Automate Workflows

    Be more productive without even knowing it — let the app do lots of manual work for you.

  • Set Access Rights

    Set Access Rights

    Assign roles for your team members and track every action they are performed.

  • Manufacturing Process

    Manufacturing Process

    Create bills of materials, account for raw materials and finished products, consider WIP inventory.

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