For Manufacturers

Accurate accounting at all stages, from the customer order to the shipment of finished products

  • Production planning
  • Inventory and supply
  • Calculation of cost and profitability
  • Control of production stages

Ideal for Small Manufacturers

Get visibility
you need

Control your costs and profit

Digitalize production process

  • create BOMs for products and components
  • monitor stages until completion
    of production task
  • track time for every stage
  • set up users permissions

Manage your costs

  • calculate finished products costs
  • use reports to track overstock and out-of-stock
  • manage your customers debts

Accurate planning

Produce on time what your customers ordered


  • use BOMs to describe once what your
    products are made of
  • create production tasks from sales orders

Stay flexible

  • customize your production routings
  • keep records of really used raw materials and completed stages
  • make replacements of raw materials in production task if you need

Supply and
inventory management

Keep an eye on stock level and
purchase materials on time

Stay prepared:

  • сhoose the way to supply components and raw
    materials: transfer from another warehouse,
    purchase or produce
  • create orders to suppliers directly from
    production tasks
  • keep records of batches and serial numbers
  • reserve raw materials for every production task

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